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About YFU Italia
Welcome to Italy

YFU Italia invites you to have the experience of your life! Get to know our beautiful  country as a YFU exchange student. We are waiting for you! Please first get in contact with the YFU office in your country. Our colleagues will help you regarding all specific questions about an exchange to Italy.

Language. Art. Beautiful landscape. Architecture. History. Religion. Food. Fashion. 

Just like Rome wasn't built in a day, it'll take a whole lot longer than a day to experience all that Italy has to offer and become a part of its unique culture. 

Italian is the official language, although there are different dialects from city to city. Mealtimes are social events, lasting for hours on weekends or holidays. Conversations can be very passionate, and loud discussions with lots of gesturing and emphatic facial expressions are the Italian way to go.

Why Italy?

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